Created in 2020, Masterise has developed connected products for circuit timing.

Created by Valentin Roy in 2020, an amateur motorcycle rider (enduro then motocross) for more than 7 years.
Passionate about sport and new technologies, Valentin has been working in mobile application development for 14 years.
Not having found an easy-to-use chronometer at an affordable price, Valentin began to look at what he could create as a service. By questioning other pilots, Valentin realized that he was not the only one who wants this type of connected GPS stopwatch.
Several dozen hours of work later, a demonstration application allows you to test timing on the circuit!
The company's mission is to provide technical solutions for athletes. Technical solutions that materialize through electronic products and mobile applications. These products make it possible to measure and train more effectively.
We develop these products in-house to have a user experience perfectly in line with the needs of pilots.
We also call on French manufacturers for manufacturing and thus control product costs.
So we have the perfect recipe for making quality products at an affordable price!