Founded in 2020, Masterise develops smart devices for lap timing.


Created by Valentin Roy in 2020, an amateur motorbike racer (enduro and motocross) for over 7 years.
Passionate about sports and new technologies, Valentin has been working in mobile application development for 14 years.
Having not found an easy-to-use timer at an affordable price, Valentin started to look at what he could create. After talking to other riders, Valentin realised he was not the only one that wanted this type of connected GPS timer. Several hours of work later and so a demonstration application was created to enable testing lap times!


The company's mission is to provide technical solutions for amateurs and professionals. These technological solutions are provided by electronic products and mobile applications and allow riders to measure and train more efficiently.
Developed in-house, these products are designed to give a user experience that perfectly meets the needs of riders and drivers.
We also work with French manufacturers to manage costs, giving us the perfect recipe to make quality products at an affordable price!