How to turn on/off my Raptor
To turn your Raptor on or off, press the button on the top of the device for 5 seconds.
My Raptor does not turn on
The Raptor’s battery lasts 8 hours. If you don't hear a "beep" and the LED doesn't light up, you’ll need to recharge it. As soon as the Raptor is charging, the LED should light up.
The green LED flashes
The Raptor’s GPS searches for its position when you turn it on. This search phase can take up to 2 minutes depending on your location and the weather. Once the position is found, the Raptor beeps and the LED turns green and doesn’t flash.
How do I record my lap times?
To record your lap times, the Raptor must be switched on and the green LED must not be flashing (GPS working). If the green LED is flashing, you cannot start a session. Press the button once to start and stop recording.
I can't synchronise my Raptor
To synchronise your Raptor, it must be within 20 metres of your phone and switched on. The device will beep when your phone is connected to it. When using an ANDROID, the location and Bluetooth must be activated to detect the device.