A product approved by the best riders

Our products have been used for more than a year by professional riders.

Approved by Cédric Soubeyras, Sacha and Lucas Coenen or even Mike Valade.

For amateur riders wishing to follow their progression, we recommend the Raptor CLASSIC

For those ranking in the TOP 10 and really looking to up their performance, we recommend the Raptor PRECISION

Mount it onto your handlebar foam or on the fork like a transponder.

The Raptor records and stores your sessions in its memory. After a riding session, you can then download the data into the MASTERISE application, available on iPhone and Android.


Our designer team to work with several riders,
to design an intuitive and easy-to-use application.
Your last sessions

Find your last recorded sessions on the homepage
and also those of your Masterise friends!

Session details

Your performance summary includes the best time, maximum speed, average speed, session duration, and track conditions.

Accurate analysis

Move your speed curve to match your trajectory.
Find your braking and acceleration points.

Ready to become the best ?

Track your performances and become the best of yourself !