A product approved by the best pilots

Our products have been used for over a year now by professional pilots.

Approved by Cédric Soubeyras, Sacha and Lucas Coenen or even Mike Valade.

For amateur pilots but wishing to follow their progress, we recommend the Raptor CLASSIQUE

For pilots who rank in the TOP 10, really looking for performance, we recommend the Raptor PRECISION

Install it on your handlebar foam or as a transponder, on the fork.

The Raptor will store your sessions in its memory. Once back in the paddock you can then download the data in the MASTERISE application, available on iPhone and Android.


Our designer team to work with several pilots,
in order to design an application that is intuitive and easy to use.
Your last sessions

On the home page find your last recorded sessions.
But also that of your Masterise friends!

Session details

A summary of your performance: Best time, maximum speed, average speed, duration of the session and track condition.

Analyze with precision

Move your speed curve in correspondence with your trajectory.
You will be able to find your braking / acceleration points.

Prêt à devenir le meilleur ?

Suis tes performances et ta progression pour devenir encore meilleur !