A box that works like a transponder, completely autonomous.
Associated with a smartphone application to read your sessions and your times recorded on the track.
An acquisition box

It is a box to be fixed on your vehicle (motorcycle, car, karting...).
It incorporates a high-precision GPS chip, which allows you to record your tracks.

These sessions are recorded in the box, you do not need to have your phone nearby.

A mobile app

Connected to the box, the application allows you to download the data recorded during the driving session.

It will allow you to analyze and keep a history of your performance.


L'application est disponible sur iPhone et Android.
Une fois téléchargé, il faut créer un compte sur lequel toutes tes sessions seront sauvegardées.


Synchronize your sessions

Our GPS (the Raptor) is used with a mobile application. Once installed on your phone, you can simply download the sessions you have recorded with your Raptor.

No need to take your phone on board, you can also make multiple recordings on the Raptor and sync later. It couldn't be simpler, right?

Your sessions per circuit

Find your best time in the detail page of a circuit. Each track or circuit you have practiced on looks like this screen.

A summary of your performance on this circuit will allow you to easily compare with your friends or share it on social networks, in one click.

You can also easily see the list of sessions recorded on this field, sorted by date.

Analyze your performance

Nothing better to progress! Analyze each lap you have completed: trajectory, braking, speed.

Each lap you complete is plotted on a map.

Analyze your curves, and your speed thanks to colorimetry:

Green = Acceleration, pick up speed
Yellow/Orange = Deceleration or braking
Red = Very slow speed or stop

Precision option

The Raptor is available in a "classic" version and a "precision" version.

The "precision" version is intended for pilots wishing a very precise analysis of their training. Very practical for track motorcycling, karting or motorsport.

Replay: trajectory and speed curve
Partials: time per section (customizable per circuit)
Comparison: superimpose two chrono laps, even those of your friends!

Session history

Every session you record with your Raptor will be saved in your app.

Easy for you to compare your old stopwatches made on the same circuit or the same track.

Also analyze the frequency of your training sessions and the total duration of your driving days.

Ready to get better?

Track your performance and progress to become even better!