Precision package
Precision package
Precision package
Precision package
Precision package

    Precision package


      Already have a Raptor and want to add precision features?

      With this pack, you unlock the features of the precision pack on your Raptor.
      No need to change hardware!

      Count 24 hours before activation on your application.
      This is not a subscription, a single payment is enough to unlock the features for life.

      The "precision" Raptor brings the following features in addition to the classic Raptor:

      • replay
      • Partials
      • Comparison

      The replay: allows you to have a speed curve and a cursor that moves on your trajectory. You will be able to precisely detect accelerations, decelerations and braking. The speed curve is available for each recorded lap.

      Partials: a new tab in your sessions gives you 4 intermediate times. The position of the partials can be modified directly from the application. At each change, all of the partial times are recalculated. An internet connection is required to access the partials

      Comparison: superimposes two layouts of the same circuit, but also superimposes the speed curves. You can also compare your sessions with those of your "friends" listed in the app's settings tab. Two cursors move on the trajectories at the same time as the speed curve.